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NHRC Qatar organises legal education seminar for Nepalis community

Samana prasai - 2020 Oct 10 01:40 PM

The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), of Qatar in partnership with the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal, organized a virtual legal educational seminar for the Nepalis’ community on the recent amendments to Law No (17) of 2020 determining the minimum wage for workers and domestic workers, in addition to Decree Law No (19) of 2020 amending the provisions of Law No (21) of 2015, regulating the entry, exit and residence of expatriates, QNA reported.

The seminar aims to raise the legal awareness among the Nepalis community and to clarify the contractual relationship between the worker and the employer, in light of the recent changes in the law, especially with regard to the minimum wage.

The seminar also aims to introduce the most important advantages of the recent amendments to the law, and to raise awareness of the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the National Human Rights Committee and the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal.

NHRC Assistant Secretary-General Sultan Hassan al-Jamali said in his opening remarks that the accelerated steps undertaken by Qatar to further upgrade its legislative system and to mobilize adequate guarantees for workers’ rights, prompted the Committee to organize educational and awareness events to the target groups of all workers in the State.

The Committee also issued a booklet on workers’ rights explaining all rights and legal and administrative procedures to support and promote these rights. The booklet has been translated into many languages.

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