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Jhalanath Khanal accused PM KP Oli of ‘raping the constitution’

Njn Khanal - 2020 Dec 29 04:21 PM

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) senior leader Jhalanath Khanal has accused Prime Minister KP Oli of ‘raping the constitution’.

Addressing the demonstration organized by the NC Prachanda-Nepal faction on Tuesday, Khanal said that Prime Minister Oli had forced them to come to the streets despite their reluctance to do so.

“Political parties and civil society have taken to the streets nationwide. We don’t want to hit the streets every time. Dictators like KP Oli have tried to usurp democracy. They have raped the constitution. So, we are forced to take to the streets,” Khanal said.

He said that Baluwatar was now a faction of a dictator.

He accused Prime Minister Oli of misusing the people’s mandate given for the development and prosperity of the country while protecting democracy.

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